The ESB Surf Club shines throughout Finistère since it welcomes members of the various ESB of the department.

Joining the club means sharing our values of surf culture: a spirit of openness promoting sharing, initiative, respect, pleasure and discovery through a responsible management and strong over 30 years of teaching.

We plan exchanges between the different structures and access to the club’s flagship events: Junior Pro La Torche and the Open de France. Membership in the club includes the federal license, it covers your club practice but also free surfing for the whole calendar year. The cost of the Surf Club license is 50 €; this also gives you access to pricing formulas year-round. To benefit from the club rates, the federal license is mandatory, accompanied by a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of surfing. It is also the best insurance in class as in free surfing.


Open year-round, ESB La Torche offers a wide choice of training packages outside school holidays, from March to December. Discover below our Club Packages, surf courses harmonized by age groups and level. You can register for the spring, fall or winter cycles, or choose the year-round registration.

Our Club packages

• PUBLIC : Mixte, 6-8 years • LEVEL : Beginner • Toddlers can now try surfing in total safety. A playful learning of the activity, through the discovery of the material and a gentle encounter with the waves of the Pointe de la Torche. • INFO: 1 training of 1h30 per week on Saturday from 14h00 to 15h30.
GROMMETS 9-11 years
• PUBLIC : mixte, 9-11 years • Level : Beginner – Intermediate • While remaining fun, this formula aims first of all to allow the youngest to practice and train safely (adapted equipment, qualified instructors, etc.) in order to gradually acquire the necessary knowledge and experience leading to autonomy. • INFO: 1 training of 1h30 per week, Saturday from 14h00 to 15h30.
KIDS 12-17 ans
• PUBLIC : mixte, 12-17 years • LEVEL: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced • Access to practice autonomy, improvement of technique, knowledge of the environment, equipment, and video analysis are the topics discussed and the tools used during the training cycle. During the first session, the instructors will evaluate all surfers in order to establish groups of level. • INFO: 1 training of 1h30 per week, Saturday from 09h30 to 11h00 or 11h00 to 12h30.
ROOKIES (Competition)
• Public: from 10 years • Level: Improvement, Competition • 1 training per week for young people motivated by surfing in competition. • INFO: 1 training of 1h30 per week on Saturday from 14h00 to 15h30. REGISTRATION ON SELECTION ONLY: Contact us at esb.surfclub@gmail.com
MASTERS 18 ans et +
• Audience: mixed, adults • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced • Surf sessions specially dedicated to adults, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. • INFO: 1 training of 1h30 per week, Saturday from 14h00 to 15h30 ( from 04 March to 15 April ) and from 15h30 to 17h00 ( from 06 May to 24 June ) ( (beginners & intermediate).
ESB La torche partners with serendipity yoga Bretagne (syb) to initiate and install yoga as a routine in the practice of surfing within the club • Between surf and yoga, the complementarity of disciplines is no longer to be proved. Professional surfers have integrated it for many years, thanks to the pioneer, the great Gerry Lopez • This complementarity offers virtues that translate into multiple physical improvements. They are played at the level of performance, recovery, muscle strengthening… • Charlotte Troadec, founder of Serendipity Yoga Bretagne, was born in the waves of the Torch, grew up on a surf and will continue to evolve to the rhythm of the tides. The sea, its source of inspiration, has always been a way of life that provides it with resources and energy. At 17, discovers yoga in California, then through movies for surfers “yoga for surfers” ( by Peggy Hall ) • Awareness is triggered. Graduated from EFY Paris ( French Yoga School ) and educationalsports mention surf and associated disciplines • Charlotte is a partner of choice to accompany our licensees and professionals in their training • Charlotte will be present on February 11, 2023 at the pools during registration to discuss with you and answer your questions.

Program: 1h – once a week ( date to be defined ).

Material provided: carpet, bricks, straps

Group: Minimum 5 – Maximum 10

Price: 15€ / licensed and per session ( Club discount included )

Spring cycle – 15 courses: Pack 14 sessions + 1 discovery session offered – 210 € per licensee
Autumn – winter cycle – 14 courses: Pack 14 sessions – 210 € per licensee
Place surf camp Tronoën, Plage de la Torche or Pont-l’Abbé

  • serendipityyogabretagne@gmail.com .
The French Surfing Federation makes available to its members 5 types of Licences: The Competition Licence: Issued by the Clubs, it is mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in federal competitions. It allows its holder to be classified in the Federal National Ranking of the discipline concerned. The Practicing License: It is issued by the Clubs to any person wishing to participate in the associative life of the Club concerned. Depending on the structure, it offers the opportunity to benefit from premises, equipment loans, to participate in various festive events, etc. The School License: It is issued by affiliated Clubs or Schools labeled by the FFS, to any person who is issued a teaching service of Surfing (Surf, Bodyboard, etc.). The school licenses are available in: -> Trainee License as part of internships subscribed individually -> Group License as part of groups such as: holiday camps, air centers… The Executive/ Educator License: It is directly issued by the FFS, to any person responsible for a private structure labeled by the FFS, or exercising the profession of Educator in such structure. Licenses and Insurance: All such Licenses include Third Party Liability, Individual Warranties, Legal Assistance and Assistance. Attention however: The Competition, Practitioner, Director, Educator Licenses provide these guarantees from the day of their subscription to December 31 inclusive of the current year. The School License is valid from the day of its subscription to December 31 inclusive of the current year, but provides these guarantees only within the teaching hours (supervised activity). It therefore does not cover free practice. Any person wishing to benefit from additional guarantees, will be able to find within the Clubs and Schools forms allowing him to subscribe such guarantees.

Member of the Club formulas!

You benefit from – 10% discount at TWENTY NINE Shops La Torche / Pont l’Abbé • Privileged access to the TWENTY NINE Test Center (equipment tests: boards, combinations, drifts, etc.) • Access to showers and changing rooms • Would you like to join the team of volunteers at club events? Email us at esbsurfclub@gmail.com[/su_column]

* ROOKIES: registration on selection

* LICENCE: Payment by cheque payable to ESB surf club