Surfing and Yoga – the perfect balance


 Charlotte Troadec’s approach:

“Yoga and surfing have similarities and are complementary. 

These two disciplines require both a mastery of the balance of the body and the acceptance of the imbalance of the latter in the movement, in the posture. The agitation of the mind makes the perception of things more difficult. Like water troubled by an opposite current, it is important to calm the mind to perceive in the center of the swirl the depth of the ocean that can be related to our internal depth, the center of the being.

The practice of these disciplines brings mastery and self-knowledge. In the movement of the body, they require presence and serenity at the level of the breath.

In surfing, an inner tranquility is necessary to approach the wave with serenity. This tranquility in the surfer is observed in his way of apprehending and being one with the wave. In perpetual balance and imbalance when rowing on his surf, he must constantly listen to his body to understand it, listen to it, avoid falling and become one with the wave.”

Yoga, is defined in the original text of Patanjali’s yogas Sutra as stopping the automatic activity of the mind, either in Sanskrit: «Yogashchittavrittinirodhah» (YS Patanjali; I.2).

It works tonicity, flexibility and relaxation. It develops breathing capacity through breathing exercises. But it is above all a way of discovering oneself in one’s own form by freeing us from the automatisms that life imposes on us.

The body of the surfer prepared by yoga is more mobile, more responsive, more flexible and therefore less subject to the risk of injuries. 

After a surf session, certain postures are particularly useful for stretching contracted muscle areas, especially at the scapular, cervical, dorsal and lumbar levels.

Yoga helps the surfer to become more aware of his moving body and improve his proprioception.

In yoga, the body agrees to the rhythm or the undulation of the breath, while in surfing, the body uses the movement of the water and the waves to find this «FLOW».

During this stay in Tronoën/ La Torche, come and experience this state of flow thanks to surfing, yoga and relaxation! How? Reconnecting with nature, your body and your 5 senses.

Charming accommodation

Balanced meals, organic 

Yoga / Surf

Personal development


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Dates of stays & Rates


Surf & Yoga Retreats & Retreats SYB-ESB

Stays from 6 to 8 people (6 people being the minimum)

On the program, 2 formats of stays: 

Weekend 3 days/ 2 nights. Arrival on Friday evening and departure on Sunday evening.
Pentecost 4 days/ 3 nights. Arrival on Friday evening and departure on Monday afternoon.


Weekend: 22-23/06/2024 – 20-21/07/2024
Pentecost 4 days: 05/18/2024 


NB: On each stay: 1 single room is available.


Note: Arrivals are the day before the stay in the evening to enjoy your surf lesson from the first morning. Shuttle station Quimper/ Surf Camp XXIX On reservation depending on our availability. Please let us know your train times in advance.

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